Product Highlights

Product Highlights

With 70 years of experience in the commercial kitchen and food service industry, our name synonymous with quality and innovation.The refrigeration range of products are designed to suit any commercial kitchen needs.

Founded in 1978, F&B Equipment Sdn. Bhd. has grown to be the leading supplier for foodservice equipment and supplies in the region. We promote and stock excellent products from well recognized manufacturers

Sinmag has 41 branch offices in China and it is the biggest manufacturer of Full Range Bakery Machines in Asia. Sinmag exports to whole world such as Europe, Africa, Asia & ME, Oceania, USA and Latin America.

Agristo, Bart’s Potato Company, Clarebout Potatoes, Ecofrost and Mydibel are participating in the Belgian Pavilion. They represent the five biggest family-owned businesses in the industry in Belgium offering a wide range of potato products. provides simple food packagin online solutions for convenient ways to prepare meals, protecting the taste, texture and quality of your food.

The philosophy of Dremax is to reproduce brilliant techniques equivalent or better than those of expert chefs with many years of experience.

Well-known as a cleaning manufacturer supplier in Malaysia providing one stop hygiene solution which has 27 years of experience in various industries including F&B, hospitality, manufacturing and many more.

Megah Mee is specializes in manufacturing noodles such as wonton noodle, yee mee and ramen. For pastries, it includes wonton skin, dumpling skin and etc

SKS has set a vigorous path in achieving from Hotel Operators as One Stop Centre to give a solution for their operations. Expanding into worldwide market by exporting over than 60 countries.

Ballun Group is the wholesaler & distributor of natural food products in Malaysia & South East Asia. We distribute to local retail and foodservice sectors and exports to other distributors around South East Asia.

TIMCARE BOTECH SDN BHD – Provides products and services that revolutionise the recovery and use of our long term sustainable use for our communities. We help to clean the FOGs produced in the hospitality and F&B industries.

SWEET WONDERS CANDIES – A company specializing in producing “candy dolls” in the country with more than 120 products. Ready-made edible candy dolls can be used to adorn freely cakes, baked products, cupcakes etc.

MEIKO CLEAN SOLUTIONS (SEA) SDN BHD – Making the world cleaner, with innovative technology for ware washing, cleaning & disinfection – that is MEIKO’S vision. The curved M, which stands for “Made by MEIKO”, a symbol of that quality.

XENKA TRADING (M) SDN BHD – One of the market leaders in Jaanese food ingredients supply.We supply wide range of frozen and dry food ingredient from Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan etc.

RASAKU offers a range of coconut related products; TetraBrik Coconut milk, coconut powder, TetraPrisma Coconut Water and many more. Our factories are certified 1SO 9001:2015,ISO 22000 and JAKIM Halal.

Pastry Pro, is a “One-Stop Solution To All Your Baking Needs”, providing wide range of ingredients, utensils, equipment and machinery to HORECA and manufacturers, with an emphasis on quality and fair value.

Onsen Egg-it is ready to eat Japanese hot spring egg. Suitable for Topping. Hard Boil egg- It serve as ready to eat product. Normally use as a topping too. Soft Boil egg- It serve as ready to eat product. Normally use as topping at Japanese Ramen. Egg Sheet- It serve as a wrap with price and vegetable, meat and ect.




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